Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preview of Week 02/28/10 - 03/06/10

Chuck - NBC, Monday, March 1, 8:00pm ET

Last time it aired, it caused outrage among some fans. So will shippers be happy? From what I've read, they'll be angrier than ever. Let's hope the ratings hold up.

Southland - TNT, Tuesday, March 2, 10:00pm ET

In the vein of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, Southland was given a quick renewal by NBC. Ratings continued to plunge, and after pushing back the season premiere, NBC decided to cancel the show altogether. That can be blamed on Leno who took the 10 PM slot, which was perfectly suited for Southland. TNT bought all episodes, and will air the six episodes made. If--and I highly doubt this will happen--the ratings are high enough, the show will get picked up.

Parenthood, NBC, Tuesday, March 2, 10:00pm ET

If the show is anything like the movie, Parenthood is like Modern Family with real issues. There's no Steve Martin, but there's also no Keanu Reeves (who actually wasn't that terrible).

The Office, NBC, Thursday, March 4, 9:00pm ET

The baby is finally here. The season has been pretty boring, and Jim and Pam have been part of the problem. Will a baby help improve the season?

Burn Notice, USA, Thursday, March 4, 10:00pm ET

The third season finale is finally here. Who will the mysterious and deadly Simon be? Not that I care much, but the spy business subplot is always heavily pushed near the end of seasons, so it's worth watching. I'm expecting the third go-around to be similar to the first two, so I have a hard time anticipating anything.
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