Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review - Bones Season 5 Episode 14 The Devil in the Details

No new episodes until April 1!! Yeah, it sucks, but we got a great episode to tide us over 2 months without any new episodes.

A body is found burned at a church. If that isn't weird enough already, the victim has horns and a tail, and they aren't artificial either. In the Bones world, that means instant speculation it's a devil. That is quickly dispelled and the investigation turns to a loony bin. Alas, it wasn't Zach's but he'll be back in two episodes. One of the patients thinks she is an angel and another thinks he's a doctor. From there, the episode gets a bit muddled and ends with the victim's brother getting caught without much explanation.

Arastoo is the intern of the week, and he gets caught up in Cam's delusion when he says he sees devils all the time. Cam think he is a Muslin fanatic from the statement, but Arastoo assures everyone he isn't. After Hodgins conks himself on the head with nunchucks, Arastoo shows off his amazing ninja skills.

As usual, Bones takes her digs at the profession of psychiatry until the doctor snaps, and tells her that he helps people stay alive while she figures out how people died. Bones also has the normal discussions of faith with Booth. He warns her about being blasphemous. We've seen this so many times, it stupid now.

Bones was driving a Prius at the beginning of the episode and talks about how the accelerator makes the car go faster. In light of the Toyota monkey business, the product placement was an epic failure. Perhaps a warning to Toyota drivers would have been more appropriate.

Score: 9.1/10


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