Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review - House Season 6 Episode 13 Moving the Chains

The medical story was very average and clearly not the focus of the episode. A football player comes in, he wants to be drafted, but his medical problems may prevent him from trying out. He misses the tryouts and is disappointed, but as House reminds him, he still has a degree and no student loans.

The bigger issue Foreman's brother Marcus getting out of prison. Foreman doesn't want anything to do with his brother who was given chance after chance, and blew it every time. From that, Foreman isn't inclined to engage his brother on any level, but House, in his usual games, hires Marcus as an assistant. At first Marcus teases Foreman a bit and tells House stories from their past. As House pushes Foreman's buttons, we see Marcus protect his younger brother. He really isn't that bad. In the end, Foreman visits him at the half-way house and offers him a place to stay.

An idiotic soldier comes in wanting House to diagnose him so he can get out military service. His contract was extended already due to stop-loss, and he has a child on his way. There's no way he'll be deployed, so he shoots himself in his foot. House tells him that losing a single toe won't get him discharged. The solution? Let the infection spread and cut off the entire foot. Now his wife has a baby and a one-footed husband to take care of.

One more reason to dislike Lucas this season. It's okay if he's relegated to being Cuddy's boyfriend, but pulling all those potentially dangerous pranks on House and tripping House at the hospital? Way too much, and there's no going back. Lucas is now a malicious son of a bitch instead of the cool private investigator. We expect House to be a bastard, but not Lucas.

Score: 8.7/10


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