Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review - Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 15 Public Enemy

I'm glad Criminal Minds had a good episode before going on a long break, because the past two episodes were sub-par. The episode had good twists that didn't complete turn the episode around and didn't give away too many clues, so it kept me anticipating what would happen next.

There are a string of murders in prominent Providence locations, so the BAU is called in. He continues killing people in very public places. He's like an arsonist, but slits throats to draw attention instead of setting fires. Eventually, the team thinks the the unsub gets gratification from hearing what the police say. Garcia finds the perfect match, a guy named Connor who works at a diner, and the killer is caught. The end was a tad disappointing, because it became personal matter against his father and not a better reason. And how does a father and son end up in the same prison?

J.J. had a small subplot of her own that was so much better than the sister suicide thing a few episodes ago. We see her maternal nature kick in when she wants to protect the wife and daughter of a military captain (was it ever specified which branch?). That conflicts with her job when Hotch forces her to ask the wife to give a speech. The wife played by Sprague Grayden gives the speech later, but J.J. is troubled by what happens. To make matters better, the team sends the daughter a signed card and a $500 check from Rossi.

Score: 9.1/10


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