Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review - Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 14 Parasite

I was waiting and waiting for the episode to pick up, but to my surprise, the episode ended. "Parasite" was one of the few episodes that has flat from beginning to end. The episode played out in a straightforward fashion without any twists or the usual disturbing scenes that at least make you grossed out. The unsub is a con man who, under the weight of 10 identities, begins killing people. He slips up a few times and we see him get out of control. Then we learn he has a family and a son. He has several long and boring conversations with his wife and son about moving, but who cares?

The case is brought to the BAU by an agent in the white collar agent, and he ain't Peter Burke. He's unaccustomed to field work, having complied mountains of paperwork, and he ends up shooting the con man. That story wasn't fleshed out either and seemed misplaced.

When Criminal Minds is good, it can be the most horrifying show on television and keep your head spinning for an entire hour. When Criminal Minds isn't good, it can be the most mind-numbing experience. The huge difference in episode quality week to week is annoying, especially when the writers can write exceptional episodes.

Random thoughts:
Seeing Victor Webster reminded me of Mutant X which was pretty cool sometimes (though mostly cheesy).

Score: 8.4/10


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