Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 1 Episode 5 Run

Well, it's that point again where I don't have much to say about the show. The action scenes are amazing, the music is great, and the story doesn't really matter. This week, Chance protects a DA named Allyson whose father, Whitey Doyle, is a crime lord ready to turn himself in along with associates within the government. There are so many people on the ledger that virtually every cop is after them. Chance protects her until he gets her to a non-corrupt judge who can solve everything. Already there is Whitey Doyle who is played by William B. Davis. It was such an awesome moment for me, because CSM was the coolest enemy on The X-Files, and because Davis needs to be on television more.

The episode added another hint to Chance's character in relation to Whitey. It is implied that Chance walked away from family because of the job he was in. Each week the clues keep piling up with no resolution in sight. It's not character development. It's tiny pieces of information used for solely intrigue. We really haven't learned anything about his motivations or background that would make us see him differently. He shows up at one of the crooked cop's apartment at the end of the episode to tie up loose ends, and that's fine, but is it suppose to reveal something about Chance?

Score: 9.0/10


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