Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 2 Episode 14 The Three Strikes Job

Since the episode served as a set up to next week's season finale, there were many confusing loose ends that should be resolved next week. The episode was going fine with the team about to catch the corrupt Mayor Culpepper played by Richard Kind. The table completely turns as Culpepper turns out to be an FBI informant, so Nate has to scramble, and the team barely makes it out safely. Sterling, who is an Interpol agent now, shows up at the very end of the episode. To be continued...

Along the way, Elliot becomes a AAA baseball star even though he hates the game. Maybe he hates watching it, but the stardom that comes with being good at the game makes him feel good. Nate is still drinking, and he can't find Sophie after calling her many times. Ironically, he tells her she can't make everything better by running away while he's drinking. Now that his drinking problem is back, how will he deal with it? Will his alcoholism be a persistent thing? I thought his problem was gone, and a fair amount of the first season was dedicated to him dealing with that, so I'm not sure if going through the steps again would matter. There's no question the alcohol is making him a bit crazy. He's angry, he's illogical, and he's yelling like a fool.

Score: 8.7/10


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