Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review - Damages Season 3 Episode 4 Don't Throw That at the Chicken

After a week without any flashbacks, they were back in full force, and we got a revelation in the end that was not at all unexpected, but set the course for the rest of the season. Patty gets called in and she's devastated by the news, so we immediately don't think she's involved. The problem is that she's Patty Hewes. While leaving the station, she frantically calls someone telling them not to go through with it. Well Patty, it's too late. It may be another misdirect, but it looks like Patty put a hit out on Tom and couldn't rescind the order in time. Right now, Tom hasn't done anything too bad, and it's hard to imagine what Tom could do that would force Patty to get rid of him.

The other big revelation was the death of Louis Tobin. We all thought he was a major player, but he's dead four episodes in. He's just small fish compared to the other powers. Patty and everyone else knew he was lying, so they knew they knew they would get to Louis eventually and find the truth. Joe finds an envelope addressed to Patty. Was it the location of the money?

Before dying, Louis presumably gave an order to his goons to kill Joe if he drinks again. Showing great restraint, Joe only drinks after entering the city and leaving his family. He gets a bottle but dumps it out, preventing his own death. It seems like a situation that could happen to Tom. Signals get crossed and Tom gets killed.

Patty's son Michael makes an appearance and has a lame story about getting a job. Patty either can't see through his lies or doesn't care anymore, because it really he's still with Jill, without a job, painting, and has a baby on the way.

The story is moving along with all the random scenes that may or may not matter in the end. They're still fascinating which is why Damages is so great. The insignificant scenes carry weight because the acting is so great and the writers are so clever in the way they position everything.

Ellen is basically back in Patty's camp, so hopefully she'll have more to do. I know lots of people have problems with Rose Byrne, but she does a great job when she's allowed to show her range.

Score: 8.8/10


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