Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review - Psych Season 4 Episode 12 A Very Juliet Episode

For the most part, Shawn consistently dominates the show and the other characters are rarely given a chance to do much other than be supporting characters. In an episode aptly titled "A Very Juliet Episode," there had to be lots of Juliet, and we got it. It showcased all the characters and we got a bit of everything.

The beginning flashback was of Juliet in 2003 parting ways with her boyfriend, Scott Seaver, at a train station. They agree to meet in the same place exactly seven years later, and in the present, Juliet is there, but Scott doesn't show. Juliet can't find anything about Scott in the police database, so she employees Gus. Inevitably, Shawn finds out, and discovers that Scott is dead and his death was covered up. Further investigation, and they find Scott alive and well. Juliet gets her reunion with Scott, but he's in witness protection, so people are after him. The Federal Marshall turns out to be the real murderer who accidentally shot his partner and covered it up.

Shawn and Juliet will probably get together next season, but I thought this episode was an indication how not far along they are. The writers never really knew where to go, and while they have great chemistry together, the things that have gone on aren't very significant. Shawn throws around his usual complaints and snide remarks about guys Juliet is with, but other than that, there wasn't much. Juliet opens up to Shawn in the beginning of the episode and that's as much as we get. Even Lassiter talks to her in his sweet yet creepy way that was more significant than anything Shawn did.

There were tons of fun physical scenes like always. Shawn got to ride a motorcycle again and conveniently not tell anyone who the real murderer was so he got into another fight, and climb up a tree.

Maggie Lawson was great in the episode. On a show where there are so many distinct personalities, she does a great job setting herself apart in the few moments she can.

Score: 9.2/10


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