Saturday, February 13, 2010

Review - Legend of the Seeker Season 2 Episode 11 Torn

If you are a Richard/Kahlan shipper, you probably loved the episode, and if you aren't you probably didn't care much for it. The episode was geared towards shippers as much as possible and didn't waste one chance for Kahlan or Richard to express their love for the other. Although the ending resulted in no real changes, the middle section did rehash what we already knew about their relationship and added a new twist that was obvious from the beginning.

Kahlan has to go back to Aydindril after a Wizard of the Second Order shows up dead with an amulet that teleports a wizard to the Mother Confessor and brings both of them back to Aydindril (It's funny how specific it is). Something goes wrong and Kahlan stays behind, except Kahlan is also in Aydindril with Zedd. Kahlan with Richard find out she has lost her powers, but she seems normal. Kalahn with Zedd also seems normal, kicks out Prince Fyren who has been acting as High Lord Regent of Aydindril, and restores the correct law.

As expected, everything soon goes south. Kahlan sleeps with Richard, but after seeing Cara with Richard, goes ballistic for no good reason. Kahlan in Aydindril upholds the most arcane of law and hands out crazy punishments. It's painfully clear what happened; Kahlan was split into two parts. The writers needed to make this abundantly clear, so there is fair amount of Zedd explaining things to Richard in the enviable redundancy of television. One part of Kahlan is pure reason with no compassion, and the other has compassion but no reason. After a short standoff, Zedd puts the two Kahlans back together into one Kahlan who doesn't remember anything.

I've always thought Bridget Regan had the most talent of a show with horrendous acting occasionally, and she fit that billing in the episode. Kahlan in both places was ever so slightly different than normal whether it be inflection or demeanor that completely tipped of that they weren't right.

Score: 8.7/10


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