Monday, February 22, 2010

Review - Big Love Season 4 Episode 7 Blood Atonement

Big Love has always strayed around the edges of bizzaro world, but last night it jumped--feet first, with no trepidation, arms spread wide--into one of the weirdest episodes I've ever seen. I can take Sarah kidnapping a Native American baby, I might be able to understand Bill running for state senate (just barely), and I can also believe the Juniper Creek stories. The line must be drawn somewhere. and my limit was finally reached. There are only two episodes left, so the end is near. We just have to hope the next season is more plausible.

I have no clue where to start, so I'll begin with the Mexican rescue mission which took up the majority of the episode. The Greene's set up a trial, coming to the conclusion that everyone is guilty. Their punishment is execution. Bill, Joey, and Jodean travel to the compound after the Mexicans refuse to create a bloody slaughter over Bill's loud protest. In a ridiculous turn of events, Bill sneaks onto the compound under the cover of night and without alerting any guards, starts getting his family out safely. Joey shows up with a gun exact revenge for Kathy's death. Hollis, Selma, and a bunch of goons show up, guns in hand, to stop them. Bill offers himself instead to save his family, and the deal appears to be good. (Although the episode had lots of faults, I liked how Bill's character was there is save his family. He bucked campaign responsibility to protect his first priority.)

Lois miraculously comes up behind Hollis with a machete and chops his right arm! This isn't anime, is it? If the stupidity wasn't brimming at the top already, Bill and company escape under the most ridiculous of premises. Bill says there are two choices: save Hollis and let them go, or let Hollis die and capture them. Um...not really. A couple guys shoot the Hendricksons and the rest save Hollis. It's not that complicated. Anyways, Selma takes the first choice and lets Bill leave.

Back at home, there is a big mess brewing. Ana, pregnant with Bill's baby, is about to leave the country with Goran who had a problem with his visa. There is, however, a perfectly viable solution presenting itself. Marry him!! And that's exactly what Margene does. There isn't much more to say.

Now the episode wasn't devoid of positive factors--there's always a gem in the rough with this show--so I wanted to point out a few things that I liked. This season, Barb has been handling the casino, and Margene has been handling her own business, but Nicki, still treading on thin ice with the family, really hasn't done anything other than be Bill spy for the campaign. She takes it upon herself to conceive a baby, and it this episode, we see the anguish that she can't do it as if there's something wrong with her. The news that her mother is pregnant--as implausible as it was--came like a kick in the gut and rattles her to no end. The scenes between Margie and Barb were wonderful and touched on the core concept of the show briefly enough for me to be happy for those few minutes.

Score: N/A (was it even the same show?!?!?)
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