Monday, February 8, 2010

Review - Big Love Season 4 Episode 5 Sins of the Father

No wonder HBO aired the episode with the Super Bowl going on. It might have been that I was tired, but I kept pausing the episode to wonder what the hell happened. At every turn there was something stupid. The episode centered on the breakdown of the Hendrickson family which stems from Bill's campaign. Turning an already stupid plot into the focus of an episode was the worst mistake this season. Worse than the inception of the campaign, and worse than Bill's parents.

Bill comes to terms with his past as a "lost boy," a teenage outcast from Juniper Creek giving a touching speech about his experiences which helps him win the Republican nomination. Great speech Bill, but how are you treating Ben and Margene? That's right, you tossed them out. Dumbass.

 There was plenty of other stuff going on that revolved around Bill's campaign. Nicki is happy to be helping Bill in any way she can (spying on Coburn), but she comes into an identity crisis where she doesn't know where she stands. On the outside Barb is supportive of Bill, but is deeply troubled by everyone. She turns to Tommy who takes her to the sweatlodge. They have this sexual tension between them, so I'm guessing sex is coming soon. Sarah has no clue what to do, but she's moving to Idaho with Scott so she'll finally be away from the mess. Ben leaves with Lois to be a full-time bird trader.

We're past halfway into a shortened nine episode season, and the end is in sight. The family is self-destructing without much help from others, and the lobbyist has her sights on Bill, so the only foreseeable result is a full-scale implosion of the Hendricksons. In the end everyone suffers and it all starts with Bill.

Score: 8.3/10


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