Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review - The Office Season 6 Episode 16 Manager and Salesman

Just when you thought the show was completely going to change, the show was reset back to where it was. Kathy Bates who plays Sabre CEO Jo Bennett shows up at the office and doesn't like the co-manager situation, so she decides to pick one of them. They both want the position until Pam figures out that salespeople can earn a lot more money from commission. Jim tries to become a salesperson, but Michael also finds out, and wins out over Jim, becoming a salesperson. Jim is manager, but Michael has completely forgotten the way the office works day to day. He may know what's going on from inside his secluded office and when he steps outside to do a group activity, but he doesn't know the first thing about working as a salesperson on a consistent basis. At the end of the episode, Michael is back to being manger, and Jim is back to sales.

So far, the unholy union of Dwight and Ryan hasn't done much other than plot behind Jim's back, but they force an IT guy to give them Jim's password. The two of them are the greatest thinkers, but they're not completely clueless like Andy. If they want to do something malicious, they can, and I have no doubt they want to.

Andy and Erin are still doing their funny dance, and are just circling each other. They're so close to seeing the truth, but they're so inept that they have no clue about anything. Erin wishes Andy likes her and Andy wishes Erin likes him, but they can get in sync. This week, Andy wants to give Erin a valentine, but not to tip his hand, he gives everyone a valentine, including a well-written poem to Kelly randomly. Kelly is enamored with Andy, but later he sends a mass email to everyone telling the office to ignore their valentine message. Andy does reveal that the message was real for one person. It should be clear to everyone who is is, but Erin is still clueless.

It seems like equilibrium has been restored. Everything set in motion by the financial crisis has finally slowed down, and everyone is in their positions. Other than a switch in the product they are selling, the office is in order and running smoothly.

Score: 9.2/10


Anonymous said...

Actually, they DON'T force the password out of him, since that guy doesn't even know it. They TRY to force him, including a very (un)scary smashing of a can.

I see the Dwight & Ryan partnership being dead now, especially with the end credits scene.

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