Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review - House Season 6 Episode 13 5 to 9

Like "Wilson" earlier this season, "5 to 9" focused on a specific character that wasn't House. We got to see the life of Cuddy who we only see through the periphery of House's team, and she is so busy there could be episodes full of her exploits.

She battles an insurance company, a drug stealing employee, House trying to give someone malaria, talks with the board of directors, deals with Lucas, makes sure her daughter is fine, tries getting money from a patient, and more. In one episode showing 16 hours of her life, we got more insight into her character than an entire season. She sticks up for the hospital against the insurance company, but also needs money from the average patient, and makes no bones about it.

Lucas continues to be annoying and an ass, but he's sticking around for now. Why couldn't we actually see him spying? I don't care about what he does with Cuddy. All I remember is how cool he was back in season 5.

I bet Nancy Pelosi would've loved the episode. There were just the attacks against insurance companies that she says all the time. They only care about money, etc.

Score: 9.2/10


Anonymous said...

LOVED this episode. Lisa did such an amazing job, showing she has no problem carrying an entire episode. I hope we see more of her.


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