Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review - Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 14 Partners in Crime

The season finale is in two weeks, and the show is moving closer and closer to a big reveal. Like the other seasons, Michael  thinks he's onto something big that will illuminate his situation. In both seasons, there really was no result and everything was reset with different characters. It's not terrible since it's just a backdrop to the fun stories about helping people, but it certainly isn't as compelling as a spy show could be.

Michael knows Gilroy is up to know good, so he sets his sights on a Polish guy named Conrad. His plan fails when Conrad won't accept a bribe, so Fiona goes in posing as a CIA agent. She plays on his duty and wallet, and gets the file from him. It has instructions on how to transport a prisoner. Gilroy wants the flight manifest to a flight transporting a person, not a thing. The possibilities are endless, but it has to be a real shocker which may not be too difficult to predict. All the major players are dead, so it I'm guessing the prisoner is Michael or his father. Michael's father is presumed dead, but it's too important to let go. Michael being transported would be a great twist since it throws him back into the thick of things.

Sam's client is Isabella, a fashionista who unexpectedly dies in the beginning of the episode. Because she dies so early and was the client, there was lots of weird references to her as if people actually cared about her. The new client is a guy named Tim who is framed for Isabella's murder by Damon and Ric. Michael gets the police to catch them in the act, and they destroy each other. There was the usual action scenes with a small explosion, but nothing stuck out and the story was standard to say the least.

Madeline is worked into every episode, and sometimes her scenes seem out of place and only serve to have that emotional connection between her and Michael. That was the case this week. Fi gets old photos of Michael for a dossier, and reminds Madeline of old Michael, so they bond in usual fashion--loving, but not completely trusting.

The best part of the episode was the Horatio Caine impressions by Sam. It's Miami and when pretending to be a crime scene investigator, how could he not pass up the chance? I was hoping for a threepeat, but two of them were good enough. It wasn't like the Supernatural episode "Changing Channels" where it was deliberate and overblown to be a funny caricature. It came out naturally both times and like in CSI: Miami, no one thought it was odd.

Score: 8.7/10


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