Sunday, February 7, 2010

Preview of Week 02/07/10 - 02/13/09

Super Bowl XLIV / Undercover Boss - CBS, Sunday, February 7, 6:25pm ET

It's the biggest game of the year, so even if you're not a football fan, you should watch the game. My prediction is that the Colts will win, but if the Saints can rattle Peyton Manning like they did to Brett Favre two weeks ago, they may have a chance. Check out Favre's ankle to the right.

I never promote reality shows, but in the case of Undercover Boss, I think it's worth noting, because CBS thinks it'll become a huge hit. I have no clue why and there's nothing to indicate that it will, but watching the show should give us a clue.

Castle - ABC, Monday, February 8, 10:00 ET

Dodger's current manager and Yankee's ex-manager Joe Torre is in the episode as well as Ray Wise. Castle will also find out more about his father. Looks like fun.

Past Life  - Fox, Tuesday, February 9, 9:00pm ET

Fox has all but given up on the show, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't watch the pilot. The show is based on the book “The Reincarnationist” and is a police procedural with a supernatural twist. How bad can it be? (Based on the limited comments I've seen, pretty bad.)

Legend of the Seeker - Local affiliate, February 13

Kahlan loses her powers, so we know what that means. Sex scene! But first, there's going to be the inevitable enemies to kill. Without her powers, Kahlan won't be able to kill as many people, so the other characters have to pick up the slack.


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