Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review - NCIS Season 7 Episode 14 Masquerade

Don't worry, I'll have a review for Lost up later tonight. I'm just NCIS out of the way first.

Corporal Vega's exploded car is found with traces of nuclear material. This sets off a huge search across Washington D.C. and for the first time in a while, the stakes are real, and many people could be a risk. It turns out Vega isn't dead and is still at large carrying out terrorist acts. Instead, Sergeant Cook was the one in the car. The investigation leads to a dentist, but the list of suspects isn't large. "Masquerade" took the route of the criminal being someone who showed up in the beginning and was absent for most of the episode. In this case it was a contractor who faked the entire situation to get a bigger contract.

M. Allison Hart was back stiring out trouble and Gibbs seems to have fallen into her trap. Gibbs thinks she is deliberately trying to cross paths with her, and from what he finds out, that isn't too far from the truth. She shows up at his house and they are about to kiss as the episode ends. I hope Gibbs has better self control, but it looks like he's fallen for her charms. He even got out the paperwork!

I don't know why, but the writers are content with doling out Ziva's story in Somalia slowly. It's the fourteenth episode in, and this is probably the first time she's brought it up. She doesn't like how people justify actions to defend something. In the case of Saleem, the Somalian terrorist, he did things to protect his way of life. Tony pushes on the issue, but she leaves it at that.

Score: 9.0/10


Velvet said...

I think that was a great episode, with many fun moments, many Team!Gibbs moments and overall one of the best of the season so far.
I think Gibbs is playing the lawyer to know why she keeps getting in the way.
But the scene was very sexy and very hot. Obvious physical chemistry here, but it's very Gibbs like to play her to have intel on her motives.

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