Friday, January 15, 2010

Review - Fringe Season 2 Episode 12 Johari Window

Monday's supposedly new episode was a dud, and the timeslot was wasted. At least we got a new episode last night that was quite good. This begs the question why Fox didn't air this episode on Monday and another season 2 episode last night.

The episode begins with 3 state troopers gunned down by some very disfigured men, reminiscent of the X-Files episode "Home." The team investigates Edina, New York, and there is clearly something wrong. Someone tries to kill Peter and Olivia, and is shot and killed. He looks messed up (and not because he was shot), but when his body is sent back to the lab, he's fine. More investigation, and the population of the town never changed unless someone died.

In a very interesting twist that Kant would gobble up, it turns out that the townspeople aren't shapeshifters. They were a victim of a military project called Operation Elephant years ago that left them disfigured. The head scientist built a device that would make everyone perceive them as normal.

Peter tries building Walter's confidence the whole episode and Walter is back to normal in the end. I'm sure those who didn't know Monday's episode was from season 1 were confused by the instant change in behavior. Walter was kidnapped in the previous episode "Grey Matters," so the switching back and forth of seasons and personalities made no sense.

Score: 9.2/10


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