Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review - Sanctuary Season 2 Episode 11 Haunted

The writers need to have Christopher Heyerdahl out of the Bigfoot costume more often. He's a great actor (possibly the best on the show), and his chemistry with Amanda Tapping is off the charts. Every time they are together there is a tension that not only comes from their difficult backstory, but also the acting and the story which went perfectly together.

Most of the season has been useless filler which is extremely disappointing, but "Haunted" went back to Magnus and Druitt and giving an emotional kick that is lacking in the show. Druitt was proved to be a good person who has corrupted by the entity, and sacrificed his wellbeing to keep it in check. Sucks to be Magnus...

After losing Ashley, getting normal Druitt back, and losing him again, Magnus has been put through a lot this season, and it's hard to tell how she's dealing with it. She was assertive and strong when dealing with the entity, but inside you know she has to be hurting.

The story was exceedingly simple which in the case of Sanctuary works. Instead of going through a series of twists and event, the story was straightforward; something took over the Sanctuary. The bulk of the episode was spent creating an atmosphere of uneasiness with the entity controlling the Sanctuary escalating its actions while the rest of the team members tried to find a solution.

Kate was featured a bit more in this episode than past few ones, and boy did she get on my nerves. The writing for her character is bad, but it could have at least been better if a better actress was cast. Her voice is whiny,so when she speaks all those lines intended to make funny, she's just annoying.

Score: 9.4/10


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