Friday, January 22, 2010

Review - Supernatural Season 5 Episode 11 Sam, Interrupted

So the Supernatural apocalypse is basically the same as any normal time, except something is going. Great. I thought the apocalypse would have huge battles and in general, crazy shit happening all the time. The number of episodes directly involving the apocalypse and Lucifer has been small, and the standalones are hardly relatable.

Last night's episode worked on the characters, sending Sam and Dean to a mental facility in search of monster. There are the usual humorous moments (Pudding!) and the misdirects until the wraith is found. The larger story is Sam and his anger problems. Through the doctors and the wraith, he realizes that the source of his anger is himself. Dean tells him to sack up and bottle it up.

The mental hospital was a really great setting because it's where people's heads are examined and diagnosed with problems and the patients are occasionally drugged (more funny scenes). The shoestring budget was really evident in this episode. Everything was indoors with the exception of the final scenes, and there was barely any visual or special effects.

Score: 8.7/10


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