Friday, January 8, 2010

Beginner's Guide to Chuck

In hope that people tune in this Sunday at 9 PM to watch the season premiere of the show, I made a little guide to show how easy it is to jump in. I know people are afraid of jumping in the middle of a show, because they won't know things, but fear not. Chuck is a relatively simple show, and without dealing the complete plot of the show, the guide has people and places to know.


Chuck Bartowski: Main character of the show who gets the Intersect downloaded into his head, learning all the government secrets.

Sarah Walker: Chuck's CIA protector who has a complicated relationship with Chuck. She's his handler, but they have mutual feelings for each other, and have done a few things short of sex.

John Casey: Chuck's NSA protector. We don't know much about him.

Bryce Larkin: Former college roommate that kicked Chuck out of Stanford, so the CIA wouldn't recruit Chuck. He later sent the Intersect to Chuck and was presumed dead, but was actually alive.

Ellie Bartowski: Chuck's older sister. She's a doctor and constantly pushes Chuck to improve his life.

Devon Woodcomb: Ellie's husband who recently found out that Chuck's a spy. His nickname is Captain Awesome, and says "awesome!" all the time which is why you always see Chuck being described as awesome.

Morgan Grimes: Chuck's best friend who as of the season finale was off to Hawaii with Anna.

Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel: The team of Jeffster. They're mostly for comedic purposes.

Anna Wu: Morgan's girlfriend. Sadly she isn't going to be in season 3.

Emmett Milbarge: Usurped Big Mike with some tricky tactics to become manager.

Big Mike: The former manager of the Buy More and is now a lowly worker.

General Beckman: Director of the NSA who is in charge of Operation Bartowski.

Stephen Bartowski: Codenamed Orion, he build the Intersect, and is Chuck and Ellie's father.

Carina: She's a very minor character, but she's showing up in an early episode. She's a DEA agent, friend of Sarah, and it a bit impulsive.

Jill Roberts: Chuck's ex-girlfriend who turned out to be a Fulcrum agent. She was captured, but showed up late in the season to help Chuck, and he let her escape.

Langston Graham: Supervising CIA agent who died in the beginning of season 1.

Fulcrum: The main bad guy that have tried to get the Intersect. We don't know their motives, but they say they're patriots that want to help.

The Ring: Introduced in the season 2 finale, The Ring is a large organization that Fulcrum is part of.


Weinerlicious: Hot dog store Sarah worked at during season 1.

Orange Orange: Sarah's current place of employment.

The Castle: CIA base located under the Orange Orange.

Buy More: Best Buy lookalike that's Chuck's place of employment.


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