Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review - Castle Season 2 Episode 12 A Rose for Everafter

The story took a backseat was Castle college sweetheart Kyra (Alyssa Milano) turns out to be the bride of a wedding which is postponed after she finds a dead bridesmaid. I never like Alyssa Milano in anything she does, but she did a great job. Her character was believable and she felt real.

We got to see Beckett be really uncomfortable with the whole situation. She insists to everyone she doesn't have feelings for Castle, but obviously the show is structured so they'll hookup somewhere down the line. The episode allowed Beckett to show her jealously, advancing her relationship with Castle, because it is becoming harder for her to deny the attraction.

The opening with Castle duct taped was hilarious. Nathan Fillion is flat out hilarious and pulled it off to make Castle seem more charming than stupid.

Score: 8.9/10


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