Friday, January 15, 2010

Review - The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 12 Rose-Colored Glasses

The Mentalist is a hard show to watch, because Jane does and says the most despicable things sometimes, but his charm let's him get off easy. Without his amazing investigative techniques and smooth style, he's no more than an arrogant jackass. While Castle (from the show Castle) has grown significantly the past season and surpassed Jane in the "good person" category, Jane has remained mostly stagnant, playing around with callous disregard for consequences.

He blackmails Rigsby into helping him, threatening to reveal Rigsby's relationship with Van Pelt. I don't think Jane would reveal the truth since he has nothing to gain other than carrying out his threat, but it's the kind of low blow that Jane does. His sense of decency stops are physically hurting people, and everything else is fair game.

High school is very different for everyone, so lots of things can happen at a high school reunion--but not murder. Those old high school wounds may be deep, but killing people? Some guy who played a terrible prank on another is found dead. The investigating was scant, and Jane's trick at the end to have Rigsby pretend to be the victim of the prank, probably advanced the investigation more than the rest of the episode. The amazing girl in school who was in the debate club and now is a television host turns out to be the murder. She told the other guy to pull the prank, and he tried to blackmail her, so she killed him.

Jane tried to dig out Lisbon's high school life, guessing randomly about who she was. He insists instincts from high school don't change which would account for the mentality of the murder and the other people Jane meets at the reunion. When the music starts playing, he says that Lisbon never got the chance to dance with the guy she looked at from afar. Now, that person's Jane, so they dance. It's sweet, but that's how far they'll go for a long time. Jane is way too messed up for Lisbon to get entangled with.

Score: 8.8/10


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