Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review - The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 12 Painkiller

I thankful the ratings for the show have increased the past few episodes. As of right now, The Good Wife looks like it's safe for renewal, so I'm happy we'll see the continuing saga of the best new drama of the year, and one of the most complex shows on broadcast television.

There wasn't a single scene in a courtroom which was rather refreshing. A high school football player, Ben Bowers, overdoses on Oxycondone, and Alicia has to protect the hospital and doctor from any serious charges. The case really didn't matter much, and not that much time was spent on it, but it kept Alicia busy the whole episode. The kicker was that the football player had stolen the higher dosage from his mother who thought she knew everything about

This parallels Alicia's situation at home. She thinks she knows everything about her children, but they are so many secrets she doesn't know about. While she deals with her busy life at work, it doesn't once hit her that maybe she doesn't know what's going on in her own home. Molly, the nanny she hires is too overzealous after she seemed a perfect fit. Grace tells Alicia that Molly talked to her about the HPV vaccine, and Molly is fired. I got the impression Grace was lying, so Molly would lose all credibility, so she wouldn't convince Alicia of the photos she found on the computer.

Kalinda continues to be a mystery we barely know. She has no qualms about breaking the law, but she does seem to have a sense of justice. The writers have been intimating that Kalinda is a lesbian though there has been no evidence. Cary asks her if she has a boyfriend, and says no. She acts very coy about her relationships, and she could be the lesbian the TV host was talking about a few episodes ago (assuming he wasn't talking out of his ass).

Now she's also working for Peter and Daniel to get the phone tap tapes from Childs by working for him. So what side is she really on?

Score: 9.2/10


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