Monday, January 11, 2010

Review - Chuck Season 3 Episode 3 Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte

At long last Captain Awesome was allowed to show just how awesome he is. After learning Chuck's big secret near the end of last season, it was about time Awesome got in on the action. He's awesome, and did a great job undercover, but eventually deciding that being a spy took too much away from. Ellie and Awesome are really great together, and show that relationships do work on television. The writers should take a hint from their own characters and either get Chuck and Sarah together or leave it alone.

He saves the Allejandro Goya (Armand Assante), dictator of Costa Gravas, a fictional country based on Cuba, and that's where the fun begins. The story revolved around an assassination plot which we learn is being orchestrated by the Ring. It all seemed very circular with people going back and forth from the Castle to the gala or to rescue Casey, but story is never the strong suit of Chuck.

The episode was about Awesome, but how awesome was Casey? Our favorite commie-hating NSA agent, El Angel del Muerto, got to save the communist dictator he hates, fight the Ring assassin while drugged, and we got to learn about his backstory at the same time.

The ending cliffhanger was kind of stupid. We know Awesome can't die, and for those that read the press release, there is even more information. Nevertheless, the way Sarah reacted, it had to be something bad, but how bad can it be? Unless he's permanently hurt, I couldn't imagine Sarah being as emotional as Chuck.

Out of the first three episodes of the season, "Angel de la Muerte" was the least funny. I was amused the entire episode by Chuck's newfound confidence with the spy world, Devon's attempts the be a spy, Casey's second mustache, but I don't remember actually laughing like the did the night before.

The episode was very light on Chuck/Sarah which was refreshing at the first two episodes of the season. There were, however, a talk between Ellie and Sarah, and Devon and Chuck reaffirming what we already know--they have feelings for each other, yada, yada... As long as the writers keep these scenes short, it'll be fine. Rehashing everything that's happened between them during the first two seasons doesn't help the viewers in any way. There's no new insight into their relationship, so extra minutes shouldn't be dedicated to it. In the end, they decide to be just friends as their cover. But they love each other!! They can't be together!! Oh no!!

The budget cuts were noticeable in this episode. Without the Buy More or  its crazy employees, there was no subplot. I wonder if the writers can consistently fill an episode without the Buy More antics.

When Awesome, Chuck, and Sarah showed up at the embassy, it reminded me of a hospital porno. I know, I know... That outfit Sarah was wearing seemed rather similar to those you'd see.

I watched the promo for the next couple episodes, and Sarah is already kissing Brandon Routh. What's up with that? I thought being a spy was about being professional.

Armand Assante was totally hilarious, and living up to the billing of 'Chuck guest star.'

The ratings were pretty good last night. Read my thoughts on them.

Score: 9.0/10


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