Monday, January 11, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Girls Versus Suits Season 5 Episode 12

There was no way the 100th episode of HIMYM could not be legen...wait for it...dary, and it certainty was. The jokes were off the charts, and I was laughing the entire episode.

I can't think of a way the writers can weasel their way out of the Mother situation again. This time they explicitly stated so many things that indicated Cindy's roommate was the Mother. At first, it seemed like Rachel Bilson would be the Mother, but that was quickly quashed. Since Ted doesn't get to meet the roommate, he won't know who she is, but once they meet, he should know fairly quickly. She's still someone who was in the economics class and now Ted knows all these things about her that he likes.

The bar gets a hot bartender (Stacy Keibler) and Barney is out to nail her. He lists all these other professions he's scored in the past, but the one elusive job is the bartender. He is instantly rebuffed, but that's because of her disdain for Wall Street guys. The rest of the episode was hilariously surreal with Barney ripping a suit and acting like it's a person. He brings it to his tailor who unfortunately can't save it, so Barney cremates it. Even further, he uses the urn to garner sympathy from the bartender, vowing not to let the suit's death go to waste. He and the bartender go to Barney's apartment where she finds a closet of suits (I'm sure he has more closets). If Barney wants to get lucky, he'll have to get rid of the suits.

That's where the musical number comes in and boy did Neil Patrick Harris shine. He completely knocked it out of the part with the singing, and dancing. His stage presence is so amazing, I was transfixed on him, and almost forgot to see all the other fabulous things going around him. It's a song about suits, and the absurdity just kept increasing and increasing. Then after the song ends, we see what really happens; Barney chooses the bartender over the suits, but of course he won't get rid of them.

Lily kept trying to get Marshall to admit the bartender was hotter than her, and the conservation eventually leads to Lily thinking that the bartender is hotter than Marshall. Robin spent most of the episode convincing herself that she's hotter than the bartender, but when she gets behind the bar, nobody has a similar reaction. The truth hurts sometimes.

Favorite line: "And that ass; I would would wear that thing for a hat." - Lily

Score: 9.9/10


forg/jecoup said...

Very impressive episode. I like the build up of the mother. It was nicely done. I really don't mind when they plan to introduce her, I completely trust the writers.

My laugh out loud moment was when Barney was enumerating the kinds of girls she slept with

And the musical number was mesmerizing

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