Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 13 Fifteen Percent

The general format of the show has settled around three separate plots with some intermingling between that almost makes three stories into two. We're going to get the entire family together occasionally which is fine as long as the writers somehow keep everything together.

They largely succeeded last night with the theme that people can change 15%. Mitchell describes the difficulty of coming out and Phil's continuing reluctance to accept him, so he hints that Phil's friend Shorty (Chazz Paminteri) is gay. This leads to some light innuendo until Phil confronts Shorty who reveals he is just in debt. Phil talks to Mitchell who just wants Phil to accept gays, and by trying to help Shorty, he did.

Phil tries to teach a reluctant Claire to use electronics. If he can teach their dumbest child, he should be able to teach her. Instead of choosing Luke as you'd except, they go to Haley who actually learns the home theater system to spite her mother. In the final heartwarming scene, Claire gets Haley to teach her, and she succeeds in learning.

Manny finds a girl online who turns out to be a lot older. She embarrassed, but Gloria offers to give her a makeover, and now she can find the man of her dreams. In walks Cameron who has many similar interests, and she has no clue he's gay.

Score: 9.1/10


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