Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review - Leverage Season 2 Episode 10 The Runway Job

I wish Leverage would have come back with a stronger episode, but I'm glad the show is back either way. With Sophie out of the picture for now, Jeri Ryan's character Tara is going to fill in for the duration of the season.

The plot was very generic and there were relatively few laughs. There were funny accents, and some Parkerisms we love, but for the most part I was looking for more and didn't get it. Chinese Triads, fashion industry, sweatshops. It all went as expected with the kicker in the end where the bad guys get caught, and the victim gets the money.

More interesting was Tara getting an introduction to Nathan Ford and his team. She likes the rest of the team fine, but she clearly has a problem with Nate. She doesn't like his brusk style, and doesn't like him ordering her around. How they deal with each other will determine the success of the team (though the team works just fine without her). With Gina Bellman out on maternity leave, and only showing up on webcam, Jeri Ryan adds a new dynamic to the team that will be enjoyable to watch.

Score: 8.8/10


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