Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 1 Episode 12 Not In My House

There seems to be a honeymoon period with all new shows. They're fresh with seemingly new ideas, and in the case of Modern Family, the characters can be charming, lovable, and real. You think it's so amazing until you keep watching episodes, and start realizing that it may not be that great.

Like last week's episode, the families were apart with the exception the end when Jay,  Mitchell, Cam, and Gloria were together. Again, the same problem persisted. The stories were underdeveloped, and went for novelty rather than the heartwarming stories that have made the show so good.. The episode focused on relationship problems stemming from the characters' quirks.

Claire finds smut on her computer and assumes it was Luke who looked at it. Of course it was actually Phil who tries to hide the fact until Claire finds the truth after everyone except Phil denies looking at it. The story was generic, and was a basic rehashing of Phil doing something stupid, and apologizing later.

Cam has the need to help everyone, so Mitchell is annoyed when he brings the crying gardener in who ends up getting married in their house. Jay's dog butler was downright bizarre. I can't blame Gloria disliking it something that creepy. The stories intersected as Mitchell went to Jay for help and learned that differences were good, and he should put up with Cam.

Score: 8.7/10


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