Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 11 Our Dear Leaders

There's two episodes left so I doubt anything will change, but the big problem with Scrubs is the lack of good, solid laughs. The stories are fine and have improved dramatically since the beginning of the season while the jokes show the malaise of a comedy that has had eight years of funny material.

The new characters aren't dynamic enough to pull off their lines and we've seen the old characters already. Lucy saying something random or Cole acting cool is bland and The one thing that gets me every time is Lucy's love of horses. Without miss, I laugh not because I care about horses, but because it's wacky, random, and her one trait that isn't annoying. It's something fun to pull out at the right time that makes her odd in a good way.

Now that J.D. is gone, the stories have picked up and the characters are developing quite fine. This week, Drew learns to be a leader after Dr. Cox takes him out of the general populace during "Hell Week." Drew feels the need to come back and help his team, and thus Cox teaches him an important lesson. Drew actually wants to take the reigns of leadership.

Lucy tries to be the new #1 of the team, but Trang qucikly tries to take over, leading Lucy to beat the snot out of him. Clearly she is not up for the job either. With Drew back, she settles into the role of #2. And that's their group. Drew is #1, Lucy is #2, Trang and Australian girl are in the middle, and Cole is along for the ride. It ain't great, but it's not bad either.

Turk is annoyed by Russell Vaughn who went to Africa, wrote a book, and gets the hospital lots of money. He is an obnoxious jerk and really has no redeeming quality other than be an ass to Turk. Maybe he went to Africa and helped impoverished people, but he didn't have to act so rude to Turk. But Turk doesn't have to act rude back to him. Dr. Kelso teaches him an important message to just be #2 for a while and suck it up. The story could have been better if Turk had learned to humble himself rather than be influenced by money, but it's Turk and we can't complain.

Score: 8.7/10


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