Friday, January 29, 2010

Review - Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 11 Friendly Fire

Just when you thought Burn Notice couldn't be more over the top, Michael dresses up in a black and red suit, tricking a local gang leader named Omar into thinking he is the Devil. He blows things up with a snap of the finger, talks with a rasp, and isn't afraid to get in people's faces.

I don't have a problem with it since the show has never been on the realistic side though there have been much more convincing disguises. Michael's target Rincon is hiding with Felipe Vega, a heartless gangster (as opposed to the nice gangster Omar), he gets Omar to help via intimidation and later cooperation. There was a lot of shooting in the episode and I thought Michael's act was funny even thought it was stupid.

Sam's (ex-)buddy Mack comes into town with a job to catch the child predator Rincon, and things don't go over well with Sam who reluctantly agrees to do the job anyways. We learn that Mack married Sam's ex-wife years after they divorced and Sam is still upset about it. Madeline talks to Sam and he comes to peace with Mack.

Michael meets Gilroy (Chris Vance) and they talk and talk. Michael doesn't know what Gilroy wants and Gilroy wants to seen who Michael is. I'm not expecting much, so I'm guessing Gilroy is the same as all those other people that wanted a piece of Michael.

Michael and Fi hook up in the end. They had to do that eventually so that wasn't a big deal either.

Score: 9.0/10


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