Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review - Bones Season 5 Episode 12 The Proof in the Pudding

While The Mentalist tried something new and came up empty, Bones tried something new and completely hit it out of the park. A bunch of General Services Administration agents show up at the Jeffersonian with a body and promptly lock down the museum.

The secrecy and rules on handling the body lead them to think it's JFK's body, and the conspiracy theories start flying (mostly from Hodgins). After a few tests, including shooting at cantaloupes with a replica gun, the team comes to no definitive conclusion before the GSA decide to leave. Before they can, Booth springs his plan to find the real truth and owns the GSA guys while Brennan takes a bone to do some tests. The bone has signs of a disease JFK never had. But JFK did have scarlet fever which can cause the same problem.

Booth is so sensitive about the situation because as Cam explains, he's killed 50 people for the government he trusts, and if they lie about JFK, they could be lying about other things. And again, Booth shows that he's a total idiot. He's never heard of Watergate, Gulf of Tonkin, Iran-Contra, and all the hidden government documents?

Cam finds a positive pregnancy test which turns out to be Angela's. Hodgins still has feeling for her, and offers to move in with her and even marry her. The test turns out to be a false positive, but the issue between Hodgins and Angela still lingers.

If you want to read a really comprehensive book on the JFK assassination, read Gerald Posner's Case Closed. It's clear he has an agenda like all authors on the subject, but he has substantial evidence and sound arguments.

Score: 9.5/10


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