Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review - Scrubs Season 9 Episode 10 Our True Lies

The revamped Scrubs seems to have found its footing ten episodes into the season. The characters are slowly developing, the stories are fairly interesting, and I couldn't care less. Scrubs is all but canceled by now, and with three episodes left, there will be no resolution. It isn't spectacular and it isn't awful either. Scrubs is now an average comedy that once was outrageously funny.

Dr. Cox finds a cheat sheet outside the exam room, so he locks up Cole, Lucy, Drew, Trang, Denise, and Australian girl into the room until they find the culprit. There are some revelations that made the situation really awkward. Drew reveals that he was talking to a divorce lawyer in the bathroom. Earlier, he told Denise he loved her, and of course she doesn't take it well. Denise is afraid of getting hurt, and that's exactly why.

Lucy is the actual cheater, but the group decides not to turn her in. Surprisingly, Cole is willing to take the blame for her. He knows he'll get off due to his connections, but to give up pride for Lucy? That's a huge change. Lucy, being obsessive and a bit crazy, is cracking under the stress and turns to cheating while trying to keep her feelings bottled up.

Dr. Cox and Turk are the new "best friends" at the hospital, and it appears the writers ditched the Denise and Turk idea. They deal with a lesbian patient, who mirroring the other stories, doesn't want her partner to know who she was.

The story was strong this episode while the laughs were lacking. Cole's Nickelback mnemonic device was the funniest part and still, it only made me crack a tiny smile.

Score: 8.7/10


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