Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 13 Jenkins

I like the non-linear storytelling of HIMYM, and I thought the twists were done very well, but um there was nothing that stuck out. The scenes with Jenkins the guy were funny, and the scenes with Jenkins played by Amanda Peet made the situation even funnier.

The reacher and settler theory by Robin was random, but um it did have some reasoning behind it. The show positions it so clearly the females in the show are the settlers, but um their relationship is much more than reacher and settler. Marshall and Lily have the coolest relationship. Lily can't even believe Marshall would kiss another woman despite his insistence, but um when Jenkins tells her the truth, Lily slugs her instantly.

The drinking game using Robin was very clever though I never noticed her saying "but um" before. Today, I was listening to people and I had to contain my laughter when I heard people saying "but um." It's one of those verbal fillers that come up a lot if you listen closely.

Barney was hardly in the episode and was background comic relief making jokes about having sex with, around, and on top of Jenkins. I'm guessing it's only temporary since Neil Patrick Harris was directing the episode, and didn't have much time to be in scenes himself.

Score: 9.1/10


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