Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review - The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 12 Bleeding Heart

Wow, what a predictable episode. I guessed who the murderer was 5 minutes into the episode and I knew how everyone would act on camera. The first half of the episode was a total bore while the second cranked up the action, and at least I was somewhat interested because Jane was kidnapped.

The documentary format can make a good episode if done effectively, but their reactions were so basic, it's hard to get excited over anything. Lisbon, the dutiful agent, goes along grudgingly. Jane, whose experiences as a TV psychic did not end well, doesn't like to be on camera (The audience didn't need him to explain that to Lisbon). Cho doesn't like to be on camera. Van Pelt hints at her relationship with Rigsby. Rigsby is a little worked up after almost being burned.

There was Sean Maher as Jasper, the eco-terrorist, and Sharon Lawrence as the mayor. Since the focus of the episode was on the documentary, the plot and other characters weren't fleshed out.

In the end, Van Pelt makes the big announcement that she and Rigsby are lovers. Jane and Cho don't act surprised, but Lisbon is speechless. I'm guessing she won't do anything about it, but we'll see.

Is it me or did Owain Yeoman's American accent slip a couple times?

Score 8.6/10


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