Monday, January 18, 2010

Review - Big Love Season 4 Episode 2 The Greater Good

I wanted to love the episode, but there were some things that irked me so much. 98% of the episode was pure brilliance, and the other 2% annoyed the hell out of me. The episode went back to the basics developing the family relationship.

Bill's new quest for the state senate seat is so stupid, I can't believe it actually was written into a script and got into the screen. It's dumber than anything that happens in 24, and has no logical basis. Bill's reasoning is if he wins, he'll reveal that he's a polygamist, so people can gain acceptance for the practice. Even if you accept that a reasonable polygamist (Bill) would run for state senate, how compelling can the story be?

His talk with Sarah in the end of the episode about having conviction to be married convinced him to commit all the way. All the wives are against the decision, but Bill has become somewhat delusional about what he supposed to do. Barb just wants a quiet marriage without intrusion, Margene wants to expand her business, but Bill coming up as a polygamist will put an end to that, and now Nicki wants Bill to become the prophet. Obviously their family will be divided, but just because Bill is being an idiotic.

Heather warming to Sarah after a quick conversation seemed too superficial. After Sarah screwed with Heather completely, a simple apology shouldn't have brought Heather around, even if Heather is a terrific person.

Score: 9.4/10


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