Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind

After watching the pilot of Human Target, I was ambivalent about the show and wasn't sure if I was going to keep watching if all the episodes went on the same way. The second episode was quite a bit better than the pilot, and I'm a huge fan of the show now (assuming the rest of the episodes follow the second).

A hacker finds a skeleton key to everything electronic, so Chance is sent to protect this mysterious person after a break in at a computer company. The dynamic of the team is changed up as Winston goes along with Chance for backup. He's is a bit one sided right now, and is reluctant to be involved, so he is relegated to rolling his eyes, and helping just because his and everyone else's lives are in danger.

The plan is simple. Chance will find the assassin and Winston will find the hacker. But of course it doesn't go as intended and the plane is on fire. Chance, who happens to be know planes, flips the plane over to put out the plane. Then the plane won't flip over. Let the fun ensue. There are actually two assassin, one being the guy easily taken out earlier by Chance, and Laura (Courtney Ford) who seemed like a brave flight attendant. Chance recognizes her reluctance to stay with the job and wants her to switch professions, but drops her out of the plane before she can change her mind. We learn that Winston had gotten Chance out of a previous job and into the body guard business. I don't really care about small hints right now, but I want to know the story behind Chance.

Casper, the female hacker who Winston finds, makes it back safely, using her device to right the plane. The stories aren't hard to follow, and they probably don't need following. The action and fun dialogue is all that is need to carry the show right now.

The constant flashbacks/flashfowards in intervals help greatly with the pace of the episode, and kept me really engaged the entire episode. The jumps from the shaky camera on a plane about to crash to the steady camera as the plane was flying smoothly was jarring and highly effective.

Score: 9.1/10


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