Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 1 Episode 3 Embassy Row

There's quite a few people out there ragging on Human Target for poor writing and ludicrous stories. Not legitimate critics who understand the point of the show, but random people on the internet. In fact, I think I saw more negative reaction than positive. I don't know what people except the show to be, but it's obvious what the writer's intentions are. Human Target is an action show without a shred of reality or seriousness. The writers acknowledge what's going on is silly; just listen to the music and pauses. They aren't trying to make a serious show like 24. Does Chance need to break the fourth wall and tell the audience what the show is?

"Embassy Row" reflects the sentiment of the show again, and if you don't like the show now, it would be best to stop watching. There are high stakes in another episode and Chance predictably saves the world. Last week it was a skeleton key to electronics and this week it's a deadly bioweapon. As more proof the show isn't suppose to be serious, the danger of these things aren't even emphasized. It's all about Chance and getting the job down.

Chance goes to the Russian embassy to find a weapons dealer named Raven. He meets an undercover FBI agent named Emma Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier). They stop Raven and get out of the embassy. Emma wants to know who Chance is, but he doesn't tell her anything. However, he does leave behind a fingerprint which may or may not have been left there intentionally. She pulls up the name "John Doe" which has a huge list of other aliases. I have a feeling she'll be back.

The main problem with the show right now is the disconnection of Winston and Guerro from whatever Chance is doing. They provide adequate back up, but what they do rarely has any sense of urgency. They get the job done, but at the end of the day, Chance is the one in danger and making the big decisions.

Sean Maher in two episodes in two weeks! He didn't have a large or significant part, but we saw him last Thursday on The Mentalist so that was cool.

Score: 9.1/10


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