Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review - Damages Season 3 Episode 2 The Dog Is Happier Without Her

Ellen and Tom? That's what last night's episode hinted at, but I think it's one of the numerous misdirects of the show. The flashforwards show the hobo with Ellen's bag.  He refers to her as Tommy's girl and Ellen goes to Tom's house and asks his wife if anyone else knows about us. At face value, it's clear what that means, but in the world of Damages, that could mean anything. The medical examiner finds that Tom died of drowning and we see Ellen on a pier looking out into the bay. Does that mean she killed him? Does she know who killed him? We see how that could happen. Ellen helps Tom with the investigation, meeting him several times and giving him the name of the mysterious DMM. She's moving back to Patty through Tom and something could happen between them.

Phil is back and he squabbles with Patty over the divorce, and of course Patty won't give anything up, and will fight tooth and nail to get what she wants. They have a long talk and it's going well until Phil asks to fix their relationship. Obviously Patty says no, and uses a colorful phrase telling him to find a dog breeder.

It's obvious Joe Tobin is slowly becoming a bad guy just like Tom is. Their morals are being compromised for various reasons. Tom does anything to please Patty, and Joe protects his family. Patty uses Ellen's information quickly and tells Joe the name of DMM: Danielle Marchetti. Joe asks his father who basically tells Joe where to look. Joe shows up at the house and confronts Danielle who instantly threatens to call the police. As Joe is leaving, Danielle's cat runs out, so she runs out after it, getting hit by a drunken Joe in the process. It's a really artificial way for him to further compromise his morals, but it could work in the end.

Score: 8.8/10


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