Monday, February 8, 2010

Review - 24 Season 8 Episode 7 Day 8: 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

We finally got a classic "Bauer" moment. Jack pulls the knife out of him and throws it into a guy's throat. Then he gets up, still bleeding from the stab wound, and shoots a couple more times. After that, he proceeds to cozy up to Renee. Not as badass as walking around after his heart stops, but damn close.

What happens leading up to that isn't very interesting, but the last 15-20 minutes were exhilarating to say the least. Jack arrives and tries talking Renee about talking things forward, but she insists in pressing Vladimir, and does so successfully. He calls a few numbers including Sergei, but stops when no one has nuclear material. Renee continues pressing him in almost a maniacal manner until the flips and starts punching her. In turn, she pulls a knife and starts stabbing him. Jack comes in and also gets stabbed which is when his heroics start.

Sergei sends a team to deal with Vladimir because no one is supposed to know about the nuclear material, and instead they find three bodies and Jack. Jack's great plan is to have CTU track him to their headquarters. One catch though. The Russians travel by sewer. No aerial surveillance and no way to track where they go.

CTU is lucky Renee held it together for almost 3 hours, because she totally went off the rails in the most unfortunate time when Vladimir actually got a hold of Sergei. While she was undercover, we see her trying to keep it together, and finally she explodes, but becomes the sobbing mess we saw her in several times last season. Next week, anything can be in store.

Kevin and Nick steal stuff from the police warehouse with the help of Dana and almost get caught, but take out a security guard to Dana's dismay. Dana is stupid in general, CTU is stupid for hiring her, and Kevin and Nick are stupidest of all. What may be stupider is the storyline itself. Hastings is all over her for being distracted, but she may be the bigger problem at CTU once her activities come into the light. The storyline is going nowhere and there haven't been any twists yet. Someone will find out what she did and use it as leverage against her, or CTU will find out and kick her out. A big problem is that we don't care about Dana. She has no personality and Kevin popping up has only allowed her to be scared. In between the ridiculous scenes with Kevin, we don't see the dynamic between Dana and Cole. On the outside, their relationship is as bland and boring as the characters.

Hassan's reign of terror is continuing with no end in sight. He continues to crack down on dissents back in Kamistan, and now he wants to torture the wife and child of Jamot, the advisor he arrested last week. Tarin's tries talking him about of it, and Hassan feigns that he will stop, but Tarin sees through him. Hassan gets another advisor to carry out the torture of Jamot's family and sends people to grab Tarin. Tarin talks to Kayla before he is dragged off, so she may make some moves. President Taylor is also getting worried about him, so maybe she'll do something soon. Her role has decreased significantly this season even though the season started with a treaty being signed by her. While the story seems to have no connection to the Russians, especially since Farhad hasn't shown up for two episodes, Taylor stepping in a stopping Hassan's madness would be cool.

I'm still waiting for something big to happen, and that's most likely to come from Jack finally getting involved. The other stories are simply boring, but I'm always hopeful more will come of it.

Score: 8.6/10


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