Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review - Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 9 Re-Do

Blue Bloods is a black and white show. The Reagans and police officers are the good guys, and the criminals are the bad guys. There's no way around it. "Re-Do" is the starkest example of this, an episode pitting the heroes against pure evil. It makes for a creepy and compelling plot, as we see everyone scramble to get the rapist murderer off the street, but doesn't leave much room to think afterwards. Everyone's actions were justified and that's that.

Kelly Davidson, the blond reporter Frank was seeing, shows up once again to ask some tough questions. Fitting in with last week's theme of detaching work from personal life, she asks Frank a question about his daughter, and instead of referring to her as his daughter, Frank refers to her as assistant district attorney Erin Reagan Boyle

The Blue Templar stuff has to be given a major revision. It's given a scene or two at most in every episode, with Jaime finding small clues here or there. However, there's no consequences. Jaime acts normally around his family and on his job. He's not contacting the FBI continuously to get more information, he's not asking his family, and he's not in the least bit suspicious of those around him. It's like the Blue Templar business is cordoned off in another universe. For a plot which is of major importance--a conspiracy to kill a fellow police officer--the writers, Jaime, and the FBI don't seem to care.

Score: 8.7/10
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