Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review - Modern Family Season 2 Episode 8 Manny Get Your Gun

"Manny Get Your Gun" is all about growing up. Everyone stays in the separate groups, although the episode begins and ends with the family together. It's Manny birthday, but he's not the only one considering his age in relation to maturity. The circumstances allows everyone to realize certain facts that weren't apparent before. After realizing that Haley and Alex don't like family camp, Phil breaks down and in turn, they do so as well. While racing against Phil with Luke in tow, Claire realizes that she never does anything fun. Manny, as mature as ever, realizes that while he may not be acting like a normal kid right now, there's still plenty time ahead of him.

On a humor scale, "Manny Get Your Gun," probably fell somewhere in the middle with the crying in the car and the old people adulterers. What keeps the episode together is the tying theme which was

Score: 8.9/10
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