Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 6 Poisoned Pill

The Good Wife is one of the few shows which leaves me giddy after each episode. Between all the deception, trickery, and half-lies going on during the court case, there is still the ongoing arcs which are simply slobbering with potential.

"Poisoned Pill" features Michael J. Fox as the opposing attorney defending a pharmaceutical company. While the case first appears the be a slam dunk, Fox (let's call the attorney that for the sake of ease) has a neurological condition which makes twitch and move around, in turn, getting the jury on his side. However, Diane comes out on top with the help of Will, who literally stays in the background the entire episode. Neither side played fair, and Diane came out on top with $35 million. In another awesome twist at the end, Fox reveals that the company was prepared to settle with $90 million. Could Diane be cutting deals and lining her own pocket?

Likewise, the Kalinda versus Blake subplot injects further doubt about the firm. Cary informs Kalinda that while Blake worked for Bond in Baltimore, he also protected MS13 and its drug trade. What's more, after Blake was arrested, Bond got him off. Could Bond be using Lockhart Gardner to project drug trade?

In another wild twist, the therapist who Fox wanted to recall to the stand was injured in a robbery. Could Blake go that far?

With the poison flowing everywhere, it seems like the only clean person left is Wendy Scott Carr and, to an extent, Alicia. Even the revelation of Carr's breast implants turn into a positive once she tells everyone she had cancer. Is this untouchable--the perfect candidate?

Again, Grace is portrayed as the stupid teenager. She openly supports Wendy Scott Carr, because Carr is virtuous. If she were a random person, that would be more than fine, but she's also a candidate's daughter, and if her father wins, that means more income and all the perks that come with it. You know, television writers, teens don't always have to be stereotyped.

Score: 9.4/10
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