Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review - Luther Season 1 Episode Six

OK, so here's Luther's big plan: 1) Somehow get Alice and Mark to help. 2) With Alice, steal a gun which has his fingerprints. 3) Set up a meet with Ian, knowing full well police sharpshooters are there. 4) Have Mark steal the diamonds from the locker room to lure Ian away. 5) Get a recording of Ian admitting to shooting Zoe.

Really, Luther? At least on Prison Break there was discussion before embarking on such an unwieldy and convoluted plan. There are so many places the plan could go wrong that it would seem much easier for Luther to turn himself in, tell the truth, and let everyone else sort things out. There has to be another link between Ian and the kidnappings beyond the diamonds.

"Episode Six" was no less illogical than "Episode Five," with just total ridiculousness going on. And as we see the character of Ian continued to be defined, he's not an average guy who got sucked into a scheme and could do nothing when everything spiraled out of control, he's just a cold-hearted bastard. There's no two ways around it. In the span of two episodes, Ian went from Luther's regular buddy, to a sicko who's one or two steps below Alice.

It seems like the writers bit off more than they could chew. They wanted an exciting and intelligent show, but ended up with an exciting and extremely stupid show. I guess it's entertaining, but nothing more.

Score: 8.0/10
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