Monday, November 22, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 10 Blitzgiving

I haven't been a fan of Zoey thus far because she's show herself to be an irrational shrew who attacks only Ted but not GNB, while living with her rich husband and reaping all the benefits. Clearly her priorities aren't based on any kind of clear logic. And yet, the writers have made her a fixture on the show, an adversary of sorts to Ted, but also a potential love interest, which spells bad news.

"Blitzgiving" shows her in a new light--her step-daughter refuses to have Thanksgiving with her--and allows us--and Ted--to empathize with her. Zoey is a likable character when she's not spouting her nonsense about the building. The question now, going forward, is whether she'll continued to bother Ted even though they're friends. I hope this is the last time we'll have hypocritical Zoey around.

While Zoey provides the emotional backbone for the episode, the humor comes from the "Blitz," a role bestowed formerly on Hurley from Lost, transferred to Ted, then Barney, then back to Hurley. The Blitz is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, missing out on the most epic moments, so we see a bunch of cool things going on, a dog on a skateboard, the gentlemen, and one of them misses them.

Of course there had to be a couple Lost references in the episode, and they're written in rather naturally. Hurley blurts out the fabled numbers as a phone number for Marshall to send a picture of his junk to, and later he refers to being the Blitz as being on an island.

"Blitzgiving" isn't "Slapsgiving," and doesn't have a surprise slap at the end, but I liked it a lot nonetheless. Zoey wasn't a chore for a change and the humor was strong. Bravo for another great holiday episode.

Score: 9.2/10
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