Thursday, November 25, 2010

Review - Human Target Season 2 Episode 2 The Wife's Tale

Human Target could be a very fun show that doesn't requires much thinking. The action and stunts are some of the best on television, and the character quirks are good most of the time. However, Human Target makes you think--and not in a positive "let's analyze Mad Men" sort of way; it makes you think about exactly how blunt the writing is. Is it waffle iron blunt or baseball bat blunt?

From the first season to now, almost every episode has had one guideline: it has to be related to Chance's past. It's a message so blatantly obvious I was bored midway through the first season. While the second season premiere seemed to reset the table, "The Wife's Tale" proves otherwise. Human Target will continue down the tired path of showing just how dark Chance's past was in comparison to where it is now.

This week, Chance protects a woman who's husband was killed by Chance years ago. And look, Chance is putting himself at great personal risk to protect her. The dynamic between the characters is thrown for a loop once everyone learns of Chance's involvement. In the end, the woman is safe, although she hasn't forgiven Chance, and Ilsa is mostly fine with the situation.

I don't get why Ilsa was made into a full-time character. She has money, but no apparent skills, so is she just going to hang around every episode asking questions? I can already imagine her getting in the way before inadvertently beating the criminal. Ames, on the other hand, isn't connected monetarily to the group, but she can actually do something, so we probably learn why she's sticking around.

Score: 8.4/10
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