Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review - In Treatment Season 3 Episode 21/22 Sunil/Frances Week 6


Sunil's tale took a pretty dark turn this week as we see not only him using dangerous rhetoric, but also acting upon certain impulses. While he may have simply been trying to get past Julia, he did hurt her--enough to require three stitches--and then express the desire to bash her with the cricket bat. What's more, Paul implies that Sunil may have had a greater hand in Malini's death than previously admitted. It's scary for Paul that Julia is ending Sunil's sessions, which means Sunil will be out of Paul's hands, despite Paul knowing what Sunil is capable of.


The episode begins oddly, focusing on Adele instead of Paul, as we see her slowly get up in the morning to call Paul, almost like she's curiously flirting with him. In Treatment rarely teases future episodes, but I'm certainly interested in what happens tonight.

It's hard not to feel bad for Frances. Her whole life, she's been unable to really be there for people, and suffered both internally, her inability to memorize lines, and externally, her daughter drifting away. However, when Tricia tells her she's dying, she jumps on the chance, tending to her sister and even quitting the play. And yet, she still can't get some good faith thrown in her way, her daughter convinced she is a narcissist.

Score: 9.3/10
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