Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review - Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 12 June Wedding

After retrieving Abel last week, the Sons are back in America at the beginning of  "June Wedding," and from there, the episode goes through the necessary steps for the conclusion everyone was expecting: Tara is alive and Gemma won't be going to prison.

The details in between aren't really that important. Jax takes out Salazar, Tara's fetus is safe, Opie proposes to Lyla, and Jimmy gets enough money for a trip to South America. Gemma has a couple excellent scenes, but the main plot mostly is about resolving some latent problems which carried over from before the trip to Ireland.

I don't know exactly when Stahl went off the deep end, but she's definitely there now. Without hesitation, she shoots her partner and pins the earlier murders on her, absolving Gemma. There's no pause, no reflection, just straight coldness and deception. I mean, what her ultimate goal aside from being the bitchiest bitch ever?

We finally learn that Tig and Kozik's beef is over a female... dog. It'd be humorous on another show, but we saw the guys duking it out earlier and their visceral anger, so it's a "come on, really?" kind of moment.

With the season finale next week, there isn't a pressing problem in terms of people wanting to kill SAMCRO. Jimmy's still on the loose, though he'll be out of the control soon. Hale's probably going to become mayor and kick out Unser, but he still seems like a minor villain in comparison to the gun-toting gangsters we've seen. But at the same time, the small town isn't what it used to be and the law will come down hard on the club which, arguably, is worse than getting in a firefight.

Score: 8.7/10
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