Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review - In Treatment Season 3 Week 3 Episode 9 Sunil / 10 Frances / 11 Jesse / 12 Adele

Three weeks into the new sessions and Sunil is definitely my favorite. He can be irrational and weird at times, but he has these spurts of energy that are both illuminating for Paul and fun to watch. Paul makes some big inroads and I'm looking forward to Julia's return. He catches onto Sunil's details of Julia, his discussion of his other woman before Kamala, and puts the pieces together: Sunil doesn't want the tight constraints of India, and moreover, sees himself inside of Arun, becoming jealous when Julia leaves for dinner with an author.

Frances's despair at the end of the episode, the possibly of failing in front of a crowd, comes down to a problem that stems from childhood. She believes her mother preferred her sister and now that her daughter prefers her sister, she's having problems with acting, knowing that she deliberately prevented her sister from pursuing an acting career.

We got a much deeper look at Jesse this week with his mother Marissa showing up. It seems like Jesse's cynicism stems from when he was rebuked years ago. But still, he's annoying as heck. The problem with Jesse is that not only is he an unlikable character, he is also one of only two characters. About half the episode is him being a prick, and personally, I don't like to fume about someone for half an episode. Jesse is so ridiculously out of control all the time and has that angry look on his face that it's hard not to want Paul to just tear Jesse apart.

Paul's visits to Adele, which began only as a way to get a prescription, are becoming more and more necessary each week. Max sees that Paul is researching Parkinson's and Paul lies to protect him. But Max has to learn eventually, and now Paul is in a very difficult position. Adele draws the connection between Paul taking care of his parents and Max taking care of Paul. In that instance, I took a look at Paul, seeing his graying hair, and thought to myself, "Wow, he is getting old."

Score: 9.0/10
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