Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review - Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 13 Eyes Open

Quick note: I already have 7 shows to watch on Thursday, so Burn Notice reviews will be very short.

As every viewer has figured out, Burn Notice, despite the burn notice and search for burners, is all about reseting back to a comfortable neutral position. The writers have a set equilibrium--helping clients in Miami--and the show will always end up around there after a while. Ongoing arcs involving certain shadowy figures will end and the focus will shift to another person. It's a never ending cycle of bait and switch, always teasing the possibility of finding those who burned Michael yet never delivering.

"Eyes Open" is nothing new, nor does it have to be. In its fourth season, Burn Notice has huge ratings and isn't stopping anytime soon. I don't know what Matt Nix had in mind going into the series, but given the lack of bite of the spy stuff, it's pretty clear he doesn't have a solid plan in place.

After the events of the mid-season finale, Michael is still recovering, which impeads his ability to stop a crazy bomber. As expected, however, Michael is crafty enough without to much physical exertion and pulls through in the end. Along the way, Jesse blows up Fiona's house to show how he's an uncaring badass now.

The search for the guy's who burned Michael is once again moved one position over. At first, they get the name of the guy who took the suitcase and the computer guy he went to to decode government files. The first guy turns out dead and the focus is on Justin Walsh. Nothing new here.

Score:  8.6/10
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